Photo by Designecologist

Welcome to the Creativity Collective lifeskills project, Gradeuxity (gratuity, or tips, for graduates). In addition to our website of best resources, we offer a Lifeskills Book that is free to download.

We will be featuring partner content from some of the best and brightest Youtube creators. Be sure to check out their channels! More resources will be posted monthly. Stay up to date with Gradeuxity at our Facebook page and happy adulting!

Contact the Creativity Collective, a 501c3 New Orleans nonprofit to find out how you can be involved!


  • Life After High School
  • Words to Know
  • Applying for College & Financial Aid
  • College Costs
  • Writing a Cover Letter (with sample)
  • Writing a Resume
  • Applying for Jobs
  • Rocking an Interview
  • Work Permits
  • Transportation
  • Bike Safety Resources
  • Getting a License
  • Buying Car Insurance
  • How to Buy a Car
  • How to Budget (with sample budget)
  • Bank Accounts
  • Credit 101
  • Credit Scores
  • How to File Taxes
  • Registering to Vote
  • Selective Service
  • Renting an Apartment
  • Setting up Utilities
  • Getting a Roommate (with agreement)
  • House Hazards
  • First Aid and Prevention
  • Violence Prevention
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Sexual Assault
  • In Case of Emergencies
  • Cheap Entertainment
  • 5 Recipes under $5
  • Fauxmosa (celebratory alternatives to alcohol)
photo by Pixabay